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Lauch A Capital Campaign and
All Heaven's Going To Break Loose!

It’s a disturbing truth, nobody who’s ever been through a capital campaign was sorry to see it end. Capital campaigns are often discouraging. They can drain life and vitality out of the church. And too many times, faithful members feel the church’s heavy hand grasping for more of their hard-earned money. Ask anybody who’s ever been through one: capital campaigns strain relationships. And stifle a congregation’s spirit. But why?

Too many people belive capital campaigns are mostly about money.

The truth is, the need for a capital campaign is a sign of God’s favor. It’s cause to celebrate, and an opportunity to rejoice in God’s blessing. For too long God’s people have felt put upon—because for too long they’ve been led to believe that capital campaigns are all about their money.

At Aslan, we help manage all kinds of campaigns, but the overriding goal is always spiritual growth. Which is why the first thing we do is pray—with you, your leaders, and your congregation. We ask God to show us what He’s doing —not in some remote or distant way—but at your church, among your people, right now. Together, we ask Him to give us a glimpse into how He intends to use your church—in the neighborhood, and around the world. Together, we ask Him to reveal His purpose, and to make us all a part of His plan.

And we ask Him to unite us—pastors, leaders, and laypeople, to take us where He wants us to go, and to show us how to get there.

A capital campaign allows your church to grow, not just physically, but spiritually. It is a God-given opportunity for people to come closer together. And it’s an occasion that comes from the hand of God—meant to enrich the relationships between leaders and their people.

The need for a capital campaign is a blessing. That blessing is given through the process, and the truth is, God works differently in every situation. He brings together different people with different gifts in different communities. And He brings every church distinct challenges, and exceptional ways to grow and mature.

Because no two churches are alike - no two campaigns are the same.

To discern God’s leading, we must start with the facts, not a pre-determined solution.

And the first fact is this: there’s never been a church like yours. There’s never been the same combination of people and leaders. No pastor has ever faced the situation you face today. The trials before you are unique. And there’s no such thing as a commonplace problem.

That’s why we take time to know you. It’s why we talk with your leaders, consult with the staff, and interview your people. We dig deep. Then dig a little more. And we discover all the good things you’re doing right now. And those that aren’t so good, too.

Then we look outside.

When the situation warrants, we study the area: demographically, psychographically, and spiritually. We might examine traffic patterns, or analyze your parking possibilities. Or we may send a team to walk nearby neighborhoods, going door-to-door, asking your neighbors if they know a good church that’s somewhere nearby.

Whatever needs to be known—we learn it. Because it’s only when we’re armed with the facts that we have the raw material to create one-of-a-kind solutions. Only through the hard work of discovery do we find the answer that’s never been known, or make the discovery that’s never been found, or uncover the secret that’s never been revealed.

If you recognize the need to do a Capital Campaign, if you understand the traditional, one-size-fits-all campaign will not work, and if you will not be satisfied with a campaign that results only in raising money but not changing lives, then give us a call.

Energizing Spiritual Journey

“I have never been a part of a more powerful spirit-filled experience in my ministry.”

“… a special anointing that blessed our efforts far beyond any dollar signs.”

“What Aslan helped us accomplish will have an eternal impact on countless families.”

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